Courses are each THURSDAY at 17:00 o'clock, FRIDAY at 18:00 o’clock in SOS Polygragicka, Racianska 190, Bratislava - Rača a každú WEDNESDAY at 16:00 o'clock n Montessori school.You can register for the courses anytime during a year. We teach children from 7 to 14 years , youths from 15 to 17 years and adults from 18 to 120 years. If you have any questions please contact us at tel. number: 0948 329 093 or email us at

16:00 17:00 18:00
Montesori skola, Lamac SOS Polygraficka, Raca SOS Polygraficka, Raca

Courses of rope skipping are designed so that nobody was bored. Therefore rope skiping offers different styles, each course is unique. At the beginning of each course is a warming up muscles, then stretching, in which we realy stretch all muscles of the body, but it is maily focused on calves, thighs and hands. After stretching we are used to do fitness exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and so on. After this introduction the training itself starts, where participants are divided into groups and each group is doing something else. The participatns are changing among the groups however, if somebody wants to be just in one group during whole lesson, he/she can. At the end of traning is of course the final stretching, whose role is to stretch muscles, release them and to little relax.

On this sport is amazing thet it recharges you with a quantity of endorphins and you can not stop smiling and laughing for several days. :)

Rope skipping is a team sport. In our courses children and youths will learn:

  • how to work in team
  • respect each other
  • how to communicate
  • keep balance and body coordination
  • basic gymnastic exercises