Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is jumping rope by an unconventional way. Rope skipping is for everybody who loves sport. It boosts your physique and has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. It is a fun, playful sport that develops creativity, physical fitness, body coordination, teamwork and rhythm. It contains elements of art, aerobics, dance, gymnastics, hip hop and break dance.

One, two, three or the whole group of jumpers can jump a rope. There exist various types of jumping ropes:


Beaded single rope

Korálkové švihadlo s predĺženou rúčkou určené pre jedného jumpera. Vďaka korálkam sa ľahko udržuje tzv.”U”, čo uľahčuje skákanie.


Single freestyle rope

Švihadlo, ktoré umožňuje robiť rôzne triky aj v dvojšvihoch a viac švihoch. Je určené pre jedného jumpera.


Double dutch ropes

Dve švihadlá dlhé 3-4 mestre, v ktorých môžu skákať dvaja, traja i celá skupinka jumperov.


Speed single rope

Kabelové švihadlo určené na rýchlostné skákanie.


Chinese wheels ropes

Švihadlá, ktoré sú určené na skákanie vo dvojiciach až štvoriciach. Sú dlhšie ako single rope.

In the world is this kind of sport very popular. There exist different sport clubs and associations that hard to prepare for the competitions and championships. Yes exactly, in the world rope skipping is the competitive discipline. Among the most known competitive disciplines belong: Single rope speed, Single rope freestyle, Duble Dutch speed, Double Dutch freestyle, Wheels atď. More information about competitions and their rules you can find in the section Competitions.