1. Can I register for a course during a year?
Yes, of course. You can register for a course anytime.

2. How can I register for a course?
You can register for a course via e-mail info@crazyjump.sk or phone number +421 948 329 093.

3. How much does monthly course of rope skipping cost?
Monthly course of rope skipping costs 12 €. However the first lesson is for free. You can pay just for one training 3 €. But we prefer a trimester payment 36 €.

4. I don’t have a rope.
Don’t worry, we borrow you our ropes and set it up on your height.

5. What should I wear?
The best tracksuits, T-shirt which absorbs sweat well and sneakers (we recommend running shoes but ordinary sneakers are fine). Do not forget bottle of water and towel as well.

6. Who can register fo a course?
Everybody in age of 5 years to 120 years can register for a course. :) Boys and girls, men and women, moms and daddies and also those, who have never ever jumped rope before. Everybody can jump a rope, regardless of age, fitness or ability.

7. Where can I buy a skipping rope?
Depends on what kind of skipping rope you are interested. If you are interested in speed rope, you can buy it nearly in each sport shop. If you want beaded, freestyle (with long handles) or double dutch (long) ropes, we recommend to visit this E-shop.

8. We are interested in your performances ...
We are realy glad to hear it. We are sure you will love our performances. They are an energetic, cheery and fit for every kind of event. More information about the conditions of the performances you can find in the section of Are you interested in us? or simply write us an email at info@crazyjump.sk with yourt requirements and we arrange the conditions.

9. I am not from Bratislava, but I would like to learn jump rope ...
For those who are not from Bratislava and in surroundings they have no clubs that devoted to jump rope, we prepared a webinar where you can find educational videos. You can find these videos in the section of Videos on the right side.We will try to add new videos every month. We and also other clubs at home and abroad as well organize various camps and workshops to which you may register. More information you can find in the section Upcoming events. We used to do the workshops in different cities/towns so follow us whether we will be in your town. Alternatively write us the email if you are interested in receiving information about upcoming events (workshops, camps, performances ...).

If you have any questions, feel free and contact us at info@crazyjump.sk or by phone +421 948 329 093. We will be glad to answer all questions.