Are you interested in us? (Performances, Workshops and Team buildings)

Our performances/showa fit for any kind of event (social events, cultural events and/or sport days). Performances/shows are energetic, cheere and original. Videos from performances/shows you can find in the section Gallery

 - space min. 6x6 m with flat surface (gyms, dance halls, stages, concrete / asphalt).
 - performances are accompanied by music which we deliver on CD or USB.
 - it depand on what type of performance you would be interested in and of a distance, but in any case we are willing to negotiate and adapt. Price quotations are sending on request.

We also do the workshops across the country. In our workshops you will learn how to properly handle rope, rope skipping basic knowledge, how to jump in double dutch and chinese wheels as well. If you are interested in the workshop, contact us at

Nothing is better for the consolidation team as various games related to sport. For this we organize team buildings, in which your employees will have relax, have fun and join to one team. Our teambuildings teach them how to work together, communicate, solve the problems together and how to use their ability and all this in form of entertaiment and sport.

You can see us

[7.5.2016] - Lovely Experience Multimedia Show v Trnave (presné informácie Vám včas dodáme)

You could see us

[26.7.2015] - WJR Championship in Paris (Majstrovstvá sveta v Paríži)

[31.5.2015] - MDD v Rači pri Nemeckom dome Videjko

[2.5.2015] - Račianske hody 2015 pred Nemeckým kultúrnym domom o 15:20 h.

[25.4.2015] - OC Galéria Dunajská Streda - Crazy Days

[18.4.2015] - OC Galéria Trnava - Crazy Days

[11.12.2014] - Súťaž Rope skipping Christmas Challenge organizovaná ProDance Studiom

[6.9.2014] - Lamačské hody v Lamači na Malokarpatskom námestí o 16:30h.

[25.6.2014] - vystúpenie a workshop v Montessori škole v Lamači

[25.5.2014] - vystúpenie na Juniálese na ZŠ Odborárska 2, Bratislava

[3.5.2014] - vystúpenie na Račianskych hodoch Videjko