About us

Janka, Misko a Siska - they are founders of the sport club Crazy Jump. They do rope skipping over three years. They were on rope skipping camps in Frantiskovy Lazne in the Czech Republic where they were trained by the world leaders of rope skipping such as Jonathan Mahoto (FR), Judit Kovacs (HU), Rachael Dale (UK), Sebastian Deeg (DE), Willem Tack (BE) a Adrienn Banhegyi (HU) by led Jany Černej - Beránkovej. The aim of Crazy Jump is to bring rope skipping to SLovakia, show people that there is funny way of jumping rope and motivate them to move. The dream of Crazy Jump is to create rope skipping teams, participate with them in local and foreing competitions as well and represent Slovakia in this sport abroad. Therefore we organize courses and training for children, youths and adults, various performances and workshops across the country. On our trainings you will learn how to work with rope, basic and difficult tricks, how to jump in double dutch, in chinese wheels and much more. We guarentee that not just you will have fun but also you will sweat and leave from training with smile.


Janka Puhová

Coach and jumper in Crazy Jump, who has ingenious memory for steps and variations and can combine uncombinable. :) Where she is there is quaranteed a good mood and atmosphere. She is in charge of organizational affairs, communications and creating choreographies.

Hobbies: double dutch, speedsteps, tanec, wheels

Incentive character: sunglasses and smile


Misko Nasticky

Coach and one of the most talented jumper in our team. He jumps everywhere where it is possible (on the trainings, at home, out, in school, just everywhere). He is responsible and nobody can better explain tricks than he.

Hobbies: learning new tricks, double dutch, various kindes of sports, designing buildings.

Incentive character: always in good mood and height - higher are just basketball players :)


Siska Žáková

Jumper and coach who is in charge of web page, promotion and communication.

Hobbies: learning new tricks, double dutch, skiing, roller skating and Photoshop

Incentive character: 3/4 sweatpants and mop